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03/22/2017Annual Charter Evaluations Released
03/20/2017School And City Officials Visit Lankenau High School To Announce Energy Efficiency Pilot Program
03/16/2017School District Accepts Funds For Pre-employment Transition Services
03/16/2017School Reform Commission Approves Creation Of Policy Committee
03/15/2017School District Launches Campaign To Hire Up To 1,000 New Teachers For The 2017-2018 School Year
03/09/2017School District Of Philadelphia Releases Report On The Stranded Costs Of Charter Schools
03/08/2017School District Highlights School Breakfast Program At H.a. Brown Elementary School
02/28/2017School District Opens Pre-registration For Kindergarten Students
02/16/2017School District Of Philadelphia Collects First Portion Of Rideshare Revenue
02/15/2017School District Shares Strategies And Investments To Improve Learning Opportunities For Children At Seven Low Performing Schools
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