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Welcome to the School District of Philadelphia translation archive. You will find here all the documents and materials that have been translated into the 8 major languages spoken by our students and families: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Khmer, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

The District’s Translation & Interpretation Center has created this page to make all our translations accessible. We hope you will find this site useful for supporting our multilingual families.

To learn how you can access translation & interpretation services at the School District of Philadelphia, please visit our website.

You can search through the list of documents by providing relevant keywords in the search box. Click the up and down arrows next to the table headings to sort by ascending or descending order. All documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files.

If you are having issues printing any of these documents from this site please make sure that you have checked the following:

  1. Updated your Adobe Reader to the latest version -
  2. Installed the latest printer driver for your model from the manufactures website
  3. Checked to make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the network
If you are still experiencing issues you can either call the I.T. Help Desk at 215-400-5555 or email the I.T. Help Desk at ""  and someone will assist you with your issue.

If you are in doubt about a document and/or cannot find it here, it may be a Pennsylvania State-mandated special education document or form. Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website where State-mandated forms are available to download in 12 languages:


4367 Documents in the database

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AlbanianwyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
ArabicwyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
ChinesewyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
EnglishwyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
FrenchwyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
KhmerwyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
RussianwyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
SpanishwyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
VietnamesewyxzHS Fair flyer (wyxzFair)
AlbanianxzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit)Letër për daljen nga ESOL
ArabicxzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit)رسالة الخروج من الانجليزية للمتكلمين بغيرها
ChinesexzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit)转出“英语非母语” ( ESOL)班通知函
EnglishxzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit)
FrenchxzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit)“L’anglais pour les locuteurs d’autres langues” (ESOL) Lettre de sortie
KhmerxzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit)លិ​ខិត​សម្រាប់​ពេល​ចេញ​ពី​កម្ម​វិ​ធី ESOL
RussianxzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit)Письмо-уведомление об окончании обучения на программе ESOL
SpanishxzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit) Carta de salida del programa ESOL (inglés para hablantes de otros idiomas)
VietnamesexzwyESOL Exit letter (xzwyExit)Thông Báo Hoàn Tất Chương Trình ESOL (Người Sử Dụng Anh Văn Là Ngôn Ngữ Thứ Hai)
ChinesewyzxCurrent School Year Important Dates (wyzxDates)本学年重要日程安排
English7380McClure Newsletter (7380Newsletter)
Spanish7380McClure Newsletter (7380Newsletter)
English7380McClure Monthy Calendar (7380Calendar)
Spanish7380McClure Monthy Calendar (7380Calendar)
AlbanianxwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
ArabicxwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
ChinesexwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
EnglishxwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
FrenchxwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
KhmerxwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
RussianxwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
SpanishxwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
VietnamesexwzySchool Advisory Councils_One PAge (xwzySAC)
AlbanianxwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)Aplikim për Këshillin Konsultativ të Shkollës
ArabicxwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)طلب الانتساب للمجلس الاستشاري المدرسي
ChinesexwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)校务顾问委员会申请表
EnglishxwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)
FrenchxwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)Formulaire du Conseil Consultatif Scolaire
KhmerxwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)លិខិតដាក់ពាក្យសុំចូលជា​សមា​ជិក ក្រុម​ប្រឹក្សា​សា​លា
RussianxwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)Заявление в Школьный Консультативный Совет
SpanishxwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)Solicitud para el Consejo Asesor Escolar
VietnamesexwzyPaper SAC Application (xwzyAp)Đơn Xin Gia Nhập Hội Đồng Cố Vấn Học Đường
KinyarwandamnlaNew Learning Academy Brochure (mnlaB)
MandingomnlaNew Learning Academy Brochure (mnlaB)
AmharicmnlaNew Learning Academy Brochure (mnlaB)
PashtomnlaNew Learning Academy Brochure (mnlaB)
PortuguesemnlaNew Learning Academy Brochure (mnlaB)
AlbanianxyzwLanguage website promotion flyer (xyzwWeb)
ArabicxyzwLanguage website promotion flyer (xyzwWeb)
ChinesexyzwLanguage website promotion flyer (xyzwWeb)
EnglishxyzwLanguage website promotion flyer (xyzwWeb)
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