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Welcome to the School District of Philadelphia translation archive. You will find here all the documents and materials that have been translated into the 8 major languages spoken by our students and families: Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, French, Khmer, Spanish, Russian and Vietnamese.

The District’s Translation & Interpretation Center has created this page to make all our translations accessible. We hope you will find this site useful for supporting our multilingual families.

To learn how you can access translation & interpretation services at the School District of Philadelphia, please visit our website.

You can search through the list of documents by providing relevant keywords in the search box. Click the up and down arrows next to the table headings to sort by ascending or descending order. All documents are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files.

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  1. Updated your Adobe Reader to the latest version -
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  3. Checked to make sure the printer is turned on and connected to the network
If you are still experiencing issues you can either call the I.T. Help Desk at 215-400-5555 or email the I.T. Help Desk at ""  and someone will assist you with your issue.

If you are in doubt about a document and/or cannot find it here, it may be a Pennsylvania State-mandated special education document or form. Please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website where State-mandated forms are available to download in 12 languages:


4023 Documents in the database

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Vietnamese2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G6,G8Nội Quy Của Phòng Điện Toán_Trường Southwark_Lớp 6, 8
Albanian2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G3,G5Mirësevini Përsëri në Shkollën_ Southwark_G3,G5
Arabic2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G3,G5قوانين معمل الكمبيوتر في ساوثويرك الصف 3 و 5
Chinese2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G3,G5Southwark小学电脑室条例_三、五年级
English2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G3,G5
French2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G3,G5Southwark - Règlement du labo. informatique G3, G5
Khmer2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G3,G5ស្វា​គមន៍​ដល់​ការ​វិល​ត្រ​ឡប់​មក​សា​លា​វិញ_សា​លា សោថហ្វក_ថ្នាក់ ទី​៣ ទី​៥
Spanish2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G3,G5Bienvenido a la escuela Southwark – Información sobre el código de conducta en el laboratorio de computadoras
Vietnamese2640Southwark Computer Lab rules _G3,G5Nội Quy Của Phòng Điện Toán_Trường Southwark_Lớp 3, 5
Burmese2640Southwark Anti-Bullying (2640ABully)
Chinese2640Southwark Anti-Bullying (2640ABully)
English2640Southwark Anti-Bullying (2640ABully)
Indonesian2640Southwark Anti-Bullying (2640ABully)
Khmer2640Southwark Anti-Bullying (2640ABully)
Nepali2640Southwark Anti-Bullying (2640ABully)
Spanish2640Southwark Anti-Bullying (2640ABully)
Vietnamese2640Southwark Anti-Bullying (2640ABully)
Burmese2640Southwark Academics (2640Acad)
Chinese2640Southwark Academics (2640Acad)
English2640Southwark Academics (2640Acad)
Indonesian2640Southwark Academics (2640Acad)
Khmer2640Southwark Academics (2640Acad)
Nepali2640Southwark Academics (2640Acad)
Spanish2640Southwark Academics (2640Acad)
Vietnamese2640Southwark Academics (2640Acad)
Arabic2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
Burmese2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
Chinese2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
English2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
French2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
Khmer2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
Nepali2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
Spanish2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
Vietnamese2000South Philly High Community Meetings Flyer (2000LoMo)
AlbanianyzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual TemplateShenja të Lodhjes_Shabllon
ArabicyzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual Templateنموذج – علامات تعب
ChineseyzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual Template学生在校倦怠表现通知单(英汉互动模板)
FrenchyzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual TemplateNotice aux parents Signes de fatigue - (Formulaire bilingue)
KhmeryzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual Templateលិ​ខិត​ជូន​ដំ​ណឹង​ដល់​មា​តា​បិ​តា​អំ​ពី​សញ្ញា​ដែល​ប្រាប់ថា​ក្មេង​អស់​កម្លាំង-លិ​ខិត​សម្រាប់​បំ​ពេញ​ជាពីរ​ភា​សា
NepaliyzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual Templateथकाइको लक्षण देखाएको सुचना
RussianyzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual TemplateПризнаки усталости – Письмо родителям (двуязычное)
SpanishyzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual TemplateFormato bilingüe – Señales de fatiga (cansancio)
VietnameseyzxwSign of Fatigue Parent Notice-Bilingual TemplateThông Báo Cho Phụ Huynh Về Dấu Hiệu Mệt Mỏi-Mẫu Song Ngữ
AlbanianwxyzSight Words for Your Child-K-3 (wxyzWord)
ArabicwxyzSight Words for Your Child-K-3 (wxyzWord)
ChinesewxyzSight Words for Your Child-K-3 (wxyzWord)
EnglishwxyzSight Words for Your Child-K-3 (wxyzWord)
FrenchwxyzSight Words for Your Child-K-3 (wxyzWord)
KhmerwxyzSight Words for Your Child-K-3 (wxyzWord)
NepaliwxyzSight Words for Your Child-K-3 (wxyzWord)
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